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Lake Erie Beach Vol. Fire Co. "Number 7A"

Lake Erie Beach #7A is a 1990 International Bus. It was purchased used and dressed in L.E.B.V.F.C. "slime-lime" and white color scheme. This unit is usually the last vehicle due in for all fire responses within our protection area. It's main function is to carry additional personnel to the scene as well as all "Squad 10" equipment and personnel for refreshments at "working" fires. These "Squad 10"'s are primarily operated by our wonderful Ladies' and Mens' Auxiliaries.

Since this unit still contains all but two seats from its original configuration as a School Bus, it is the perfect unit in the event of a mass casualty, mass evacuation incident. L.E.B. #7A is also used for transporting groups of L.E.B. members to various functions such as parades, conventions, and sometimes away softball games. Since it was originally purchased for this purpose, it is decorated on all sides with our nickname of "Leaky Beach". When its use as a personnel transport/mass evacuation unit was determined, two strobe lights were added to the front for emergency warning.