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The Lake Erie Beach Fire Co. Inc's Mens' Auxiliary has decided to begin to enter the world of patch trading. The patch is our Active and Mens' Auxiliary patch and a picture of it shall soon be found below this paragraph. Those interested in TRADING ONLY should send a patch of your fire company or department to the following:

Lake Erie Beach Volunteer Fire Co Inc.
ATTN: Patch Trades/Mens' Auxiliary
9483 Old Lake Shore Road
Angola, NY 14006

Or send an email toPatch Trades

All of the patches we receive will be placed in a newly purchased Oak framed cabinet with glass front and this cabinet will be displayed in the foyer of our main entrance. All companies/departments whom decide to trade with us may be assured that we will treat your patch with the same respect that we would show our own. We look forward to trading with your company/department!